Figure 1, 2, 3: Showing short stature, round face and positive Archibald sign respectively

Figure 4, 5, 6: showing CT brain with bilateral calcification of choroid plexus of posterior horn both lateral ventricles, x-ray hand with short 4th and 5th metacarpals and OPG with hypolastic anterior teeth respectively

Type I

Type II



Type Ia (AHO)
1. Multiple hormone resistance
2. Defect proximal to cAMP

Type Ib
1. Physical appearance is normal
2. Resistance limited to renal response to PTH

Type Ic
Features of AHO with normal Gs-alpha activity


1. Rarely familial
2. Resistance limited to PTH
3. Defects distal to cAMP formation


Features of AHO without overt hormone resistance

Table 1:Pseudohypoparathyrodism (PHP)