Figure 1: Panoramic radiography

Figure 2: Bridge was removed

Figure 3: Clinical examination of the abutments after decementation of the old bridge and the extraction of the 15

Figure 4:The finish lines of the two teeth (#14 and #16) are preserved after peripheral preparation

Figure 5:Noticeable gap between gum and pontic

Figure 6: The gap is not visible when smiling

Figure 7: The plastic posts were rebased with duralay resin

Figure 8: The posts are cut

Figure 9: The bridge is tried in maximum intercuspation

Figure 10:The patient was asked to close in the position of maximum intercuspation (MI)

Figure 11:Models of 2 casted post and core after refining

Figure 12:Old bridge with two models of two duralay posts and cores

Figure 13:The models of 2 posts and cores casted in metal

Figure 14:Light cure composite resin filled in the inner surface of tooth #15

Figure 15:The 2 casted post and core are cemented

Figure 16:the bridge was cemented