Figure 1: Risk factors for suicide

Figure 2: Victim hanged on kneeling with a nylon rope from a bamboo beam. The total length of the rope is 220 cm and the length between the suspension point and the ligature knot around the neck is 100 cm, the rest part of the rope being freely suspended from the suspension point

Figure 3: Victim hanged with tied-mouth with a piece of white cloth to suppress groaning sound during pain/despair

Figure 4: A. Victim hanged with tied-leg on kneeling position to prevent support from any nearby object. This was done to ensure that he does not attempt to rescue himself

Figure 5: Tied-mouth from back showing slip knot of nylon rope (hanging material)

Figure 6: Showing pale face, protruded tongue and dribbling of saliva which are the commonest symptoms of asphyxial death (photograph was taken after removal of cloth from the mouth)