Figure 1: Cutaneous lesions before treatment (case 1)
Figure 2: At the subepidermal level, in the papillary dermis and extending to the reticular dermis, vascular proliferation is observed with telangiectatic dilatations, constituted by vessels of different size and congestive aspect. Some of them have hematic material next to fibrinous material in its light, suggestive of vascular thrombosis. In addition, a diffuse proliferation of spindle endothelial cells is identified between the stromal collagen bundles(H-E x 40) (case 1)
Figure 3: (Immunohistochemistry positive for CD34): vascular proliferation and dilation of some vesels (case 1)
Figure 4: (immunohistochemistry positive for cd31): vascular proliferation and dilation of some vesels (case 1)
Figure 5: Improvement of cutaneous lesions after surgery (case 1)
Figure 6: Improvement of cutaneous lesions after surgery (case 1)

First Author, year



Tollefson, et al. 2014 [1]

Case 1: Revascularization with stent placement

Improvement of skin lesions. Resolution of pain


Case 4: Isotretinoin


Mc Laughlin. et al.2001 [2]


Complete resolution after two months

Pichardo, et al. 2002

Daily low dose aspirin and pentoxifylline


Quatresooz, et al. 2006 [3]

Case 1: Oral corticotherapy



Case 2: Surgical excision

Complete resolution of skin lesions

Villa, et al. 2008 [9]

Bilateral wise pattern reduction mammoplasty with excision of the areas of cutaneous involvement

Complete resolution of skin lesions

Yang, et al. 2006 [7]

Isotretinoin and stent placement in the proximal occluded left subclavian artery

Complete resolution with stent. Persistence of skin lesions with isotretinoin

Sanz-Motilva, et al. 2014 [5]

Case 1, 2 and 3: smoking cessation

Complete resolution after 12-18 months of follow up

Reusche, et al. 2015 [4]

Case 1: Trental; Nifedipine; plastibase. Mastectomy

Complete resolution with mastectomy


Case 2. Acetic acid, mupirocin



Case 3: Elidel; Accutane; thalidomide

Complete resolution


Case 4: Aspirin; sclerotherapy



Case 6: Steroids; antibiotics. Reduction mammoplasty

Complete resolution with surgery


Case 8: Accutane



Case 9: Pentoxifylline



Case 11: Lidoderm Patch

Pain controlled


Case 14: Lotrimin

Pain controlled


Case 17: Lotrimin

Pain controlled


Case 19: Vancomycin



Case 20: Pentoxifylline


Strausburg et al. 2016 [6]

Surgical excision of the skin and subcutaneous area of diffuse dermal angiomatosis

Complete resolution

PrinzVavricka, et al., 2009 [8]

Treatment of the arteriovascular disease

Complete resolution

Table 1: Different treatments of diffuse dermal angiomatosis of the breast and their outcomes retrieved from the literature