Figure 1: Triphase CT scan abdomen (axial image) showing a mildly homogenous mass in the left lobe of liver indenting the right wall of body of stomach (yellow arrow);; (C); (D)

Figure 2: Triphase CT scan abdomen (axial image): Arterial phase contrast enhanced image demonstrating hypervascularity of the mass with multiple enlarged arteries within the mass

Figure 3: Triphase CT scan abdomen (axial image) showing imaging after 5 minutes delay confirms washout of contrast from the mass

Figure 4: Triphase CT scan abdomen (axial image) showing portal venous phase shows hyperenhancement of the mass

Figure 5: Gross examination: (A) showing a well circumscribed tumour; (B) Cut section with well-circumscribed yellow tumour

Figure 6: Microscopic examination showing tumor composed of1-2 cell thick plate hepatocytes arranged in cords and trabeculae separated by sinusoids and absent portal tracts. No atypia (H & E; A 100X, B 400X)

Figure 7: Reticulin stain showing intact hepatic architecture with minimal plate thickening