Herbs and herbal constituents

Use in arthritis/ inflammation


Willow bark extract

Reduced pain and improvement in movement in osteoarthritis

Schmid et al. [50]

Avocado soybean unsaponifiables

Reduced pain in osteoarthritis

Appleboom et al. [51]

Pine bark extract

Reduced pain and improvement in movement in osteoarthritis

Belcaro et al. [52]

Methanolic extract of the root of Ricinus communis

Anti nociceptive activity against acetic acid induced writhing test, formalin induced paw licking test

Taur et al. [53]

Ethanolic and ethyl acetate extract of Tripterygium wilfordii

Antirheumatoid arthritis

Tao et al.  [55]

Ginger extract


Wigler et al.  [56]

Seeds and husks of Rosa canina


Christensen et al.  [58]


Upregulation of MMP3 and suppress matrix synthesis

Shakibaei et al.  [60]

Resveratrol from grapes

Suppression of NFκβ dependent pro inflammatory products like PGE2, MMP 1, MMP 3

Csaki et al.  [61]

Piperine isolated from black pepper

Inhibition in the inflammation and decreased in the symptoms of carragenin induced paw edema arthritic model

Bang et al.  [62]

Root powder of Withenia sommifera Linn

Anti arthritic property in adjuvant induced arthritis

Pathwardhan et al.  [63]

Ethanolic extract of Tinospora cordifolia Willd

Anti arthritic activity against adjuvant induced arthritis and bovine induced arthritis

Paval et al.  [64]

Lawsonia innermis

Anti arthritic activity against adjuant induced and formaldehyde induced arthritis

Kore et al.  [65]

Methanolic leaf extract of Urtica pilulifera

Anti arthritic activity against Freund’s complete adjuvant induced arthritis

Abudoleh et al.  [66]

Methanolic extract of Ficus bengalensis

Anti rheumatic activity

Manocha et al.  [67]

Cedrus deodara

Anti arthritic activity

Chandur et al.  [68]

Bartogenic acid isolated from Barringtonia racemosa Linn

Anti arthritic activity

Patil et al.  [69]

Green tea polyphenols

Increased bone mineral density, serum osteocalcin level

Shen et al.  [71]

Theaflavin from tea

Antiarthritic activy
Blockade of MAPK and NF κβ pathway

Datta et al.  [80]
Kim et al.  [70]

80% alcoholic extract of leaves of Aloe vera, Bacopa monnieri, Moringa oleiferaand rhizome of Zingiber officinale

Anti inflammartory activity

Padmanabhan et al.  [72]

Myrtus communis, Smilax aspera, Lavandula stoechas and Calamintha nepeta

Anti-inflammatory activity

Amira et al.  [73]

Phenolic compounds-rich fraction from Urtica atrichocaulis

Anti rheumatoid arthritis

Wang et al.  [74]

Petroleum ether extract, ethyl acetate extract and methanolic extract of the leaves of Cassia uniflora

Anti arthritic, anti inflammatory and anti analgesic activity in rat models

Chaudhuri et al. [76]

Black tea and Green tea

Anti inflammatory activity

Chatterjee et al. [77]

Dried tea root extract

Anti inflammatory, analgesic and anti pyretic activities

Chattopadhyay et al.  [78]

Aqueous black tea extract

anti arthritic property in adjuvant induced rheumatoid arthritis

Datta et al.  [79]

4-methoxy-5- hydroxycanthin-6-one isolated from Picrasma quassioides

Anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic effect

Fan et al.  [81]

Duhuo Jisheng Decoction

Anti osteoarthritic activity

Zheng et al.  [82]

Huo-luo-xiao-ling dan

Anti rheumatoid arthritis, suppressed inflammatory arthritis and reduced bone and cartilage damage in the joints of arthritic animals

Nanjundaiah et al.  [83]


Effective against collagen induced arthritis in rat

Hu et al.  [84]

Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi

Anti-arthritic agent

Yang et al.  [85]

Sida cordifolia L. and Piper longum L.

Effective against collagen induced arthritis

Nirmal et al.  [86]

Allium sativum

Anti inflammatory and anti rheumatoid arthritic agent

Majewski [88]

Xanthium strumarium extract

FCA-induced arthritis

Lin et al. [90]

Extract of Boswellia serrata

Anti inflammatory activity, decrease of the release of pro inflammatory cytokines

Kumar et al.  [93]

Schefflera octophylla

Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities

Chen et al.  [95]

Calotropis procera latex protein

Acute inflammation

Kumar et al.  [96]

Table 1: Herbs and herbal constituents active against rheumatoid and osteoarthritis