Figure 1: 18F-FDG PET‑CT images (A) MIP image shows hyper metabolic lesion in the mediastinal region and bilateral neck region (arrows); (B) Transaxial section image shows a well-defined soft tissue density mass lesion (arrow) in the posterior mediastinum abutting the left atrium, left pulmonary vein and right pulmonary trunk. (C, D and E) Images shows uptake in lesions in bilateral carotid space with splaying of internal and external carotid arteries bilaterally

Figure 2: (A) H & E (20X) - Section of the posterior mediastinal mass shows nest of monotonous oval cells surrounded by a fine vascular network giving it a “Zellballen” pattern; (B) Chromogranin IHC stain (20X) - Shows strong positive staining in tumour cellsCase