Figure 1: posterior view of the CT Angiogram showing bilateral PSA continuing as the popliteal arteries and hypoplastic femoral arteries terminatining in the thigh anteriorly

Figure 2: Follow up CT Angiogram showing a patent right femoro-popliteal bypass graft (red arrow) and resolved right sciatic aneurysm

Figure 3: Post amputation CT Angiogram (anterior and posterior views) showing a right PSA with aneurysmal dilatation continuing as the popliteal artery and a hypoplastic femoral artery

Figure 4: Proposed algorithm for the management of persistent sciatic artery

PSA type



Complete PSA with normal femoral artery


Complete PSA with a SFA that does not reach the popliteal artery


Complete PSA , absent SFA


Incomplete PSA (only upper part persisted), normal femoral arteries


Incomplete PSA( only lower part persisted)


PSA originating from the median sacral artery with developed SFA


PSA originating from the median sacral artery with undeveloped SFA

Table 1: Classification of PSA as suggested by Pillet, et al. and modified by Guaffre, et al.