Figure 1: Computer tomography of the larynx. On the left side of the vocal cord the polypoid lesion was seen. (polypoid mass showed with red star)

Figure 2a: Microscopic view of the tumor. Spindle shaped characteristic tumor cell with remarkable pleomorphism, atypical and intensive mitoses (Hematoxylin and Eosin, x400)

Figure 2b: EMA (epithelial membrane antigen) positive stain in tumor cell cytoplasm (EMA, x400)

Figure 2c: Arrows shows the p63 positive stain in tumor cell cytoplasm (p63, x400)

Figure 2d: Panaromic view of the tumor located on the vocal cord. CV: cord vocalis , bv: band ventricule, t: tumor. (Hematoxylin and Eosin, x40)

Figure 3: Gross view of the laryngectomy specimen. The lesion is started from the anterior commissure and exdending to the subglottic and supraglottic area and also epiglottis petiol is invaded by the tumor. On the left side vocal cord is degenerated due to the ulcerative character of the tumor