Figure 1: Endoscopic appearance in the gastric metastasis of breast cancer: hypertrophy in the mucosal folds and superficial linear ulcerations

Figure 2: Endoscopic biopsy microscopic appearance: malignant tumoral infiltration containing superficial ulcerations in a few regions. There are intracytoplasmic mucin-like inclusions in the tumor in many loci, and the tumor cells do not show a specific histological differentiation. Histomorphological characteristics initially indicate signet-ring cell carcinoma

Figure 3: Microscopic ILC findings in the breast: hyperchromatic atypical epithelial cells with eccentric nuclei and eosinophilic cytoplasm in groups infiltrating the fibrous stroma in the form of simple epithelial cells are observed. There are occasional ducts with cystic dilatation and proliferated lobules. The stroma has fibrosis, hyalinization and lymphoplasmacytic infiltration

Figure 4: Microscopic appearance of the gastrectomy material: tumor cells with oval-rounded nuclei, prominent nucleoli and cytoplasmic vacuolation starting from the mucosa are observed