Figure 1: Prepared tooth 2nd PM restored with core and post

Figure 2: A layer of resin (Duralay) applied on occlusal surface

Figure 3: The patient closed in maximum intercuspation position (MIP)

Figure 4: Lateral paths are recorded in working excursion.

Figure 5: Lateral paths are recorded in nonworking excursion

Figure 6: Protrusive paths are recorded last

Figure 7: All occlusal contacts are high lightened and checked

Figure 8: Creamy stone was brushed and poured into the resin record and denture tooth cards to record paths

Figure 9: Functional core with temporary crown

Figure 10: Mounting of the working cast and the functional core

Figure 11: Twin Stage occluder of Hanau is most specifically designed for FGP technique

Figure 12: Trying metal framework

Figure 13: Ceramic stratification fitted to the die

Figure 14: Extra-oral View after Cementation